David Reads “The Shape of Mouths at Parties,” by Naomi Shihab Nye

David has been reading a poem a day for national poetry month–and this was so GORGEOUS, I need to share it.

David J. Bauman

Another long day, and aside from the joy of coming home to my husband (to-be), and the purring ministrations of our cat Milton, a late dinner and a glass of a lovely Argentinian blend (Cab-Malbec-Syrah), it is again poetry that soothes my soul, and calms me down.

Like last night’s, this post, and possibly tomorrow’s will be on the short side, but I’ve been reading more and more by today’s poet lately, and I will likely read something more by her before Poetry Month is over.

She and I share a common hero in William Stafford, and of her Stafford has said,

In the current literary scene, one of the most heartening influences is the work of Naomi Shihab Nye. Her poems combine transcendent liveliness and sparkle along with warmth and human insight. She is a champion of the literature of encouragement and heart. Reading her work enhances life.

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  1. Thank you, Susan. That was so sweet of you!

  2. Mouths like jelly fish swelling…. beautifully simple, yet says so much.

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