has no words
in a quiet art
of freezing

particulate core
of a molecular heart
spinning six arms
in predetermined space

an arrangement
dictated through surface tension
until layered water
sends the spin downwards
in spiraled weight

the drift of feathers
through air
is as silent

but less unique

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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60 Responses to snowflake

  1. claudia says:

    the quiet art
    of freezing…love this…and oh they’re artful indeed…each one unique..spinning in spiraled weight…lovely images

  2. Wonderful poetry Susan. But I agree that melting snow would be nicer.

  3. Oh, I love, “the drift of feathers is as silent, but less unique”. beautiful imagery. i see the storms coming.

  4. j4n says:

    what time, Susan, what time…

  5. Diction is really the key to accomplishing Negative Capability in poetry and you use pitch perfect language here. I love your take on the prompt (clearly your thinking cap is an old, cherished friend :D). Thanks so much for joining us today.

  6. brian miller says:

    smiles…spring will find you soon enough…just heard today we might get more snow this weekend…ack! the spinning 6 arms is a cool image….there is a certain hush as well that comes with snoe…so your silence works well..

  7. Love the snowflakes silently spinning downward ~ It’s what is happening outside my window ~

  8. Tino says:

    I have seen enough snow this winter to last me a lifetime and still it shows no sign of stopping. But, I love the beautiful way you define a snowflake and now, the snow is more bareable as I try to see each little piece of individual beauty.

  9. jeglatter says:

    big sigh in, so beautiful….so glad to be back here. YOU are wonderful. That I could be away from reading these blogs for so long and come back to your poetry and for it to take my breath….priceless.:) Happy Snow Susan! From here I so appreciate it, especially served up as you do.:)

  10. purple says:

    yeah, ok, I concede … snowflakes, individually, are uniquely pretty, it’s just when they gather in concert with others and seemingly NEVER go away … well, maybe we should just try to focus on their beauty, when falling, like feathers, only I have never had to shovel feathers … oh forget it, no matter what I try to say I just am so tired of all this “beauty”! Great poem Susan …

  11. Very delicate this quiet art of freezing…to me it sounds delightful as we don’t have snow here…feels it is created as I read.. Lovely Susan. 🙂

  12. scotthastiepoet says:

    Complex, yet delicate – lovely to read…

  13. Wow this is stunning . You totally had me at the first stanza. I like how EVERY single word is important, every one matters. Lean and clever and beautiful!

  14. Laurie Kolp says:

    Love the ending. I agree snow can be like feathers, but each snowflake has a different shape. That’s amazing to me.

  15. I love your description of a snowflake, but that’s as close as I care to get to the little frigid beauties.

  16. Rowan Taw says:

    Your poem reminded me of a book I once had on the mathematics of snowflakes. Your poem is unique, just as the snowflake.

  17. David King says:

    The third stanza is where the excitement set in for me.

  18. beckykilsby says:

    Great sense of breath held and the science of the snowflake..somehow combines to produce a feeling of wonder. Like the spareness of this.

  19. Tony Maude says:

    Individual snowflakes are incredibly beautiful – and you’ve captured that well with your words. Collectively – well, we’ve not suffered as badly as some, but apparently we have more on the way. Whatever happened to global warming?

  20. janehewey says:

    Your new look is fun, Susan! reading again, I so enjoy your active verbs in this poem. they make the brevity all the more secure and interesting.

  21. kkkkaty1 says: pretty this is ..I wonder how many different poems have been written about snowflakes…to me this would stand out from beginning to ‘drifts of feathers’ end 😉

  22. J Cosmo Newbery says:

    Quite lovely images you portray here. Thank you.

  23. hypercryptical says:

    Beautifully done. Snow holds the same magic to me as it floats to the earth…

    Anna :o]

  24. Rhonda says:

    do you HAVE to make snow sound so wonderful? I’m sick of said beautious unique flakes. Love the poem tho. 🙂

    • LOL, I HATE the cumulative effect, but singly–sure–the idea and the reality of them are simply stunning. Hate to shovel the little stinkers, though.

      • Rhonda says:

        yeah…safety in numbers? ha! if they came alone, i’d invite them in for a glass of wine…together..they are toast! i’ll shovel them into the road to get run over! 😉

  25. A brilliant comparison of dust and feathers. But me thinks there is nothing so beautiful than the drift of different hued feathers drifting through the air 🙂

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