If you guys have not read Bart yet–you should.

Bart Wolffe


Just to the left where the wind is leaning
On the lines of a looming tree’s barren boughs
Murmurs the pigeon, my solace and companion,
Greeting me again today as yesterday
From his favourite vantage. His wings whirr
As they settle and my smoke ascends
A grey compliment to his soft plumage.
But just to the left and above,
A circling hawk – or was it more, an eagle perhaps,
Is harried by a pair of ravens and three gulls
In an intricate play – a dance of dare
As the raptor enraptured with the thermals
Circles in the higher air, undeterred by
The challenging wings of those lesser beings
That almost touch him as they swoop and dive.
He continues to drift towards the distance
With his escorts in attendance
And before I realise, my eyes have escaped
From my inner worries to that far-off place.

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