random generated insanity

Everyone’s bipolar, he says,
preaching paradox
and reductio ad absurdum easy,
as if insanity is imperative,
unremarkable as brown eyes
or blond hair,

and we, drying tears from our vision
crave the pain dosed away
with prescription pills
plump with  placebo crap.  Sure,
we’re all damaged some ways,

pitch(ed) out broken metaphorical windows
into a world where assembly is required
but we’ve lost the instructions
and instead of a life, we build
a collapsing scream.

My words were paradox, crap, collapsing, scream, pitch,  imperative, damaged, drying, preaching, and assembly.

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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64 Responses to random generated insanity

  1. Oh wow. Your last line is incredible. Awesome poem and that line – WOW

  2. Yes, we are indeed all damaged in some way or another. The problem is that the majority of people are not aware of this, and treat those who wear their flaws outwardly harshly. I really liked this, Susan… It’s a subject which is close to my heart.

  3. Bravo Susan! Are we not all insane….it just depends on who is defining sanity.

  4. We are all broken because that is simply the destiny of eggs. Instead of mourning the broken shells we should rejoice in what has hatched from within….

  5. davidtrudel says:

    Some people have an insane belief in their sanity but I sanely believe my insanity.

  6. claudia says:

    pitch(ed) out broken metaphorical windows
    into a world where assembly is required
    but we’ve lost the instructions
    and instead of a life, we build
    a collapsing scream….this is just awesome…kudos what you did with these words…and really..yeah..sometimes it looks like we lost the instructions and i for my part..try to duct tape it with poetry..ha..smiles

  7. brian miller says:

    we’re all damaged some ways…nice…we are you know…nice bit of truth that…and we build collapsing screams…dang what a close on this susan…haha what a list of words you started with as well….you did really well with this…

    who gave you the words?

  8. That’s a crazy list of words ~ I specially like the ending lines, a collapsing scream ~

  9. Ruth says:

    it’s as if you’ve peered into the soul of what’s wrong with the world today – the final stanza strikes particularly hard… & the title is brilliant

  10. Doris says:

    Like always really good Susan that last line is so incredible, there is a poem right there, I also like “we build a collapsing scream.” so true, I wonder who is normal now days…not me.

  11. nelle says:

    …a collapsing scream. Like that, lots.

  12. aprille says:

    Fancy, being able to produce such qualitywith random words.

  13. Kelvin S.M. says:

    …we’re damaged in some ways. — and who claims to be perfect & flawless? all great things are once damaged & scraped before it becomes great… smiles… bipolar — how true in my current living…

  14. Wow I’m so with you on this. Each line struck a nerve, especially the last. Oh, the fight to find peace in our heads

  15. Mary says:

    What strong writing, Susan. “Instead of life we build a collapsing stream” really wows me, and I can picture THAT so vividly! Yikes.

  16. j.h. white says:

    This is amazing. I looked at the list of words after reading your poem a few times and it boggled my mind. How gracefully you inserted “crap” …and “preaching” actually has substance. Pretty darn good :~)

  17. Susan, you created a bit of crazy with this…I could feel, experience the tension of life on the edge.

    • Thank you, Victoria. I started with the inspiration from my guy, with his bipolar statement. Interesting how the random word generator I used seemed to “give” me the words to explore that further.

  18. Great use of the words. I too loved the last line, but it is only great because ot is the anchor of a ship of great lines.

  19. Only a thin thread divides the sane from the insane. Magnificent poem, Susan 🙂

  20. Rowan Taw says:

    I loved “collapsing scream”. I often think many diagnoses aren’t there to cure the patient, but to cure the uncomfortableness we feel when someone doesn’t conform to what we expect.

    • Thank you, Julie! I was stunned with the ease with which I was able to weave words from the generator into what I wanted to write about. They were a gift. OK, most of them were. Could have done without seeing “crap” in that list.

  21. Great use of these words Susan. Just phenomenal. I need to try that RWG again….

  22. It’s amazing what you can weave with random words. I would never have been able to tell if you had not said. And that end is just amazing.

  23. Sabio Lantz says:

    Ouch! Or do I hear Nietzsche’s stabbing insights with freedom and deeper happiness behind the apparent chaos. I vote for the later.

  24. So good. Tons to dig out of here and contemplate. Love this approach to exploration and analysis.

  25. Tony says:

    That last line is unbelievably powerful – sent shivers down my spine! Wow!!!

  26. Ha ha…that last stanza is a doozie and so true, it’s crazy funny and I love every word of this…

  27. Laurie Kolp says:

    … or we’ve forgotten where (and from whom) the instructions come from.

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