the math of one

This space I occupy
can be ciphered
if a formula exists
for these boundaries

but I am less body
than biosphere
mostly uncounted
and misunderstood

greater than the sum of parts
added in catcalls.
My lips are the dividend

of strawberries.
My arms mimic
the circumference
of the moon

and my love
if you are blessed to touch it,
an irrational number.

For Georgia at Broadblogs who said:  Sit with your legs sprawled and the fat popping out wherever. Walk with a wide stride and some swagger. Eat in public in a decidedly non-ladylike fashion. Burp and fart without apology. Adjust your breasts when necessary. Unapologetically take up space.

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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33 Responses to the math of one

  1. archcardinal says:

    Its called living free. The happiest people in the world seldom stand on ceremonies nor live an affected life. Just devote a day to “letting go” and you will shocked at how contented you are…

    Ever wonder why men love to pee anywhere else but the toilet? 😀

    Great work dear. I love it!

    • Obinna, you have inspired me again, as seems to be your gift (a gift to me at least). Glad you liked these lines. And yes, it is a question of freedom, allowing oneself to just be.

      • archcardinal says:

        Well, I guess I’ll now start charging “inspiration fee” 😀

        Anyway, freedom to live and express has always been the hallmark of the humanities as a branch of education. The real idea is to look at how we have lived, how we live. How we hope to live and sometimes throw in that alternative of ‘opposites’ of these three and come up with something excitingly different.

        Anywho, imagine:

        “The breeze on the butt
        While take a dump in the woods,
        The freedom of letting go
        Uninhibited by space (which a toilet bowl does)
        Knocking back and relaxing
        On a tuesday morning
        Not in a hurry to meet anything or

        Freedom without rules is bliss

  2. It most definitely is… pure bliss.

  3. annotating60 says:

    Very good pece of writing.>KB

  4. What a wonderful philosophy – I’m sure I do some of these things…. Must try harder! 😉
    And nice to read a poem with “math” in the title that didn’t scare me off!

  5. Your words have always made me smile, with driven passion, you understand the common place in our universe and how one in all is but love that brings harmony in our cosmos. 🙂

    I have returned, and I will be posting my new blog today. 🙂

  6. BroadBlogs says:

    Love it! So glad that BroadBlogs can be your muse, once again!

  7. Brilliant Susan. Just Brilliant.

  8. deanabo says:

    “mostly uncounted and misunderstood” This is very good writing.

  9. mobius faith says:

    Sheesh. This is brilliant Susan. I really like the flow of the work. I like (what seems to me like) pauses as in,
    “my lips are the dividend

    of strawberries.”

    Has a Pinter-esque feel for me.

  10. claudia says:

    lips the dividend of strawberries…I am less body
    than biosphere….ha…cool…i love your math here..smiles

  11. kaykuala says:

    This space I occupy
    can be ciphered
    if a formula exists
    for these boundaries

    Things can be worked out if only the tools are all available at hand. But we’re often not equipped nor prepared to react immediately. Nice thoughts Susan!


  12. nelle says:

    Yeah! Well done. There’s a certain joy in getting a point across in a well chosen assembly of words or imagery, or whatever one chooses to work with to express.

  13. being honest with oneself is so freeing!

  14. George Ellington says:

    Smiling still. How insistently the gravity of the heart overwhelms the attraction of any fleshly being. Revolving, nearing, touching. Such stellar wonders! Love is the greatest of forces. And a simple touch can mean so very much.

  15. J.H. White says:

    “My arms mimic the circumference of the moon”….I’m breathless. !

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