body bags

18 of them, small
for bodies under 4 feet
lined up
with 6 full-size bags

how we tidy up loss
so neatly
& lifted easy

but only the flesh
is light
not the arms
that lift it

you can’t cart away
loudspeakered screams
they still ricochet

but now, they rest
they will wait, silent
they way only the dead
know silence

unable to count the tears
as easily as those lives lost
& the bags that hold
what’s left

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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40 Responses to body bags

  1. annotating60 says:

    Susan I especially liked the ending.>KB

  2. paulaacton says:

    I can’t bring myself to click like but your poem sums up this tragedy so well, the innocent lay slain once again while other defend the right to bear arms but that is a discussion for another day

  3. boomiebol says:

    A shame indeed for soon like dust
    This will be swept under the cushioned carpet of politics… Money…wrong disguising as certain amendments or freedom…

    Ikun Le abiamo( the pain and hurt of a mother) who sends her child to school echoes in my head… My heart unable to comprehend what the mothers and fathers of these children feel… Anger…hurt…pain all rightly so…

    In a season of peace, goodwill and joy… Such tragedy bestowed to the least of these… The least of us… Our children… Our future…

    A shame indeed if like columbine, aurora Colorado, and shopping malls across America we sweep this under cushioned carpet in name of politics…selfishness disguised as forward agenda!!!

    • Oh, Lord, Boomie–this CANNOT be swept under the rug. It is that mixture of love for my own kids and imagining what those parent’s are feeling right now that is killing me. Lord.

  4. May their deaths cause a change in the land!

  5. I have shut my office door to weep
    for children that will now forever sleep
    when they should still be wakeful
    and laughing full of life so playful
    I have shut my office door to weep
    for children that now will never sleep
    laying in their beds fearful and wakeful
    when they be filled with laughter joyful…
    I have shut my office door to weep.

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  7. Doris says:

    so sad Susan I am disgusted with what happend

  8. Enough…
    The loss.
    The politics.
    The unspeakable grief.
    Speak now…

  9. Human beings: capable of such wonderful, and such terrible things. A brave poem. Thank you for this.

  10. chenayimoyo says:

    This is from a very distraught parent.
    A grieving parent.
    A very very sad and broken parent
    I am choking with tears of grief, pain, anguish I not sure of what I am writing
    Pat Chenayi Nyandoro

  11. nelle says:

    This is us, broken.
    We create the parameters within which madness can operate. If we cannot protect those amongst us with burgeoning skills at life, if we need to protect them from us, what the hell kind of world have we created?

  12. jmgoyder says:

    So choked up – we only heard this morning.

  13. unfetteredbs says:

    Susan this gave my goosebumps…I hate this all with every whisper of my soul

  14. claudia says:

    oh heck..that brought tears to my eyes susan

  15. Miriam E. says:

    Can’t find words, Susan.
    Thank you for this.

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