warning label (spoken word)

this box
you try to fit me inside
is too narrow
for my borders
& I will not be folded
like a secret
under your bed
a stained & shameful thing
with all the magazines
& my shape
is too round for square holes
& too square for round ones
you can’t hammer me
into position/submission–
in other words
I will not be pegged

& yes, I’m what you would call
the inconvenient lover
whose logic
confounds you all night
but in the morning
finally naked
leaves you late for work
& impossibly tangled in sheets–
I will make you forget
we disagreed
in the first place
my darling
& so sweetly
you will misplace
your dialectic
between my breasts
anΒ argument
I will always win

but remember
this woman
comes with a warning label
& you just
got it read
to you

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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46 Responses to warning label (spoken word)

  1. when beautiful is no longer enough to describe poetry in motion, what does one say? well, OK, what of – “bootyful” – and run the risk of being misunderstood? This is certainly bold, and the caveat emptor is given up front in bold print – WYSIWYG. I hear the voice of one singing in the fullness and fleshness of life – engage me, but do not cage me, make me, take me, but rake or mistake me, take me up, but please do not pull or put me down.. beautiful poetry, Susan, beauty and booty meet, passion meets and enriches reason…and the result is wow.

    • Oh my–love the word bootyful–definitely fits here! I am so glad you liked this–the result of my relentlessly naughty chi whispering these words to me as I was washing my hair. Caught most of them…I think. And, wow, okay–my comment on your poem–let’s make it a “double tomato” for this morning!

  2. davidtrudel says:

    Would love to see you performing this!
    Great write and yes, I can hear it as a SW piece.

    • Thank you, David! I will be the featured reader at the Screening Room in Buffalo in February, and could ask for a recording to post on the blog–which I will do–or, you could always come on down to hear it live, but that is one heck of a drive for a poetry reading, all the way across a continent…

  3. quite the free speech amendment in writing ! πŸ™‚

  4. jmgoyder says:

    Yeeha – brilliant!

  5. GinAndTulips says:

    Wow. I love this Susan! Cool and sexy whilst remaining beautiful.

    • Oh, wow. Thank you. I really think some of my best poetry is whispered to me in the shower. Managed to repeat most of the key lines in this one until I dried off and scrawled them down! Damned muse…

  6. Trent Lewin says:

    Awesome, Susan. Awesome.

  7. Beautiful! Great poetry.

  8. ruleofstupid says:

    Panda found himself on the sidelines cheering and waving pom-poms – which was very embarrassing!

  9. nelle says:

    Like this one lots. πŸ™‚

  10. Rhonda says:

    Oh HELL yeah! Great one Susan! And I soooooo get the ‘in the shower, shampooing the hair, here it comes, catch it before it disappears down the drain” thing. yes, i certainly do! LOVE IT!!!

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