shroud: haiku heights prompt

shroud me in silence
the unspoken things you are
wrapping me always


i have bathed my dead
with tears, swaddled them gently
for their new mother

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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29 Responses to shroud: haiku heights prompt

  1. Green Speck says:

    Wow … you surprise me always … what can I say now?

  2. franzad says:

    the second one gave me the chills…love it!

  3. unfetteredbs says:

    Susan… wow is all I can say. your haiku this morning has taken my breath away

  4. Beautifully done, both.

  5. Crystal says:

    Very intriguing.. still trying to fully wrap my mind around the meaning of such beautiful lines as they are quite deep.. It’s easy to see the meaning on the surface of course but they imply so much more. Very nice!!

  6. basho2012 says:

    Gorgeous and very touching. The second made me shiver.

    Chevrefeuille a.k.a Basho2012

  7. Barbara says:

    Extraordinary! The second one will linger in my thoughts for awhile!! Best kind of poetry!

  8. brudberg says:

    Love this set Susan

  9. Ron. says:

    The first, I think, is stronger than the 2nd; but both very effective indeed.

  10. Swaddling – such a lovely way to express the contrast with shroud. Lovely, not to mention excellent

  11. Bruce Ruston says:

    Very nice, you got it in early?

  12. I am stunned into silence. 🙂

  13. Thats GREAT Susan Daniel… I’m here for the first time…and your writing is impressive…

  14. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Swaddling and shrouding are so closely related, aren’t they?


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