haiku heights: sleepless

courting sleep, sheepless
nothing to count down but breath
from 20 to dreams

***actually, with the way my sleep pattern works, I have to count back from about 200, but too many syllables 😉

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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44 Responses to haiku heights: sleepless

  1. Loved the sheepless sleep— Cheers to you!

  2. 4joy says:

    insomnia is dreadful….I read til my eyes blur, then have to repeat a simple mantra (in with the good, out with the bad) for a bit, listening, as you said, to your breathing…

  3. davidtrudel says:

    Thank you insomnia, for allowing Susan more time to create beautiful poetry!

  4. nelle says:

    I just lose my mind (no surprise there) in story ideas.

  5. I have tried that counting sheep but for me it doesn’t work. A nice cup of herbs tea does it for me. Have to try counting my breath …
    Wonderful composed haiku Susan.

  6. kaykuala says:

    Sometimes it gets on us. The initial difficulty to stabilize oneself to initiate sleep can be so trying! Nicely Susan!


  7. unfetteredbs says:

    insomnia friend or foe? Sleep, sheepless… nice

  8. Barbara says:

    Sheepless sleep…Great !! Love how you used the prompt!

  9. Trent Lewin says:

    There just aren’t enough people in the world who use the word “sheepless”. It is now firmly entrenched in my vocabulary. Sleep is overrated! Gets in the way of stuff.

    • Oh, it does get in the way of so many things. Sometimes I wish we were like dolphins or birds, who can send one side of their brains to sleep at a time, and still function. Actually would explain the behavior of a lot of people if we could say of them half their brains were sleeping.

  10. elleceef says:

    I like the countdown from 20 (or whatever it takes) to dreams,,,floating away,,,maybe,,,

  11. Lovely take on the prompt!….Beautiful one on Insomnia..

  12. Bruce Ruston says:

    did not work for me drat it nice write, I will see if it works tonight

  13. odyzz says:

    sometimes the counting works for me as well…nicely done, Susan..

  14. Green Speck says:

    Counting sheep used to help me get to sleep when I was a kid, but not anymore 😦

  15. Grace says:

    Counting sheeps or whatever doesn’t work for me ~ I just fall asleep..he..he…Good one Susan ~

  16. courting sleep, sheepless. Nice one.

  17. Patti says:

    Ah, does counting sleep ever work? Not for me. Reading is my best bet. Insomnia is the worst, isn’t it? How many poets have written a piece about it? Scores, I bet.

  18. Dulcina says:

    Another excellent haiku, Susan, and I laughed at your humorous remark about the 200 sheep.
    Words play really smart in the first line .

    • Dulcina–thanks! I have to credit my fingertips/chi/muse for a typo for that word play–I typed it instead of sleepless, and said—WOW, subconscious, you are really, really clever sometimes 😉

  19. The subconscious never sleeps – and perhaps as writers we are too close to our subconscious so we stay awake listening to it babble through the night 😉

  20. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Haiku, schmaiku! Sometimes you need those extra syllables! 🙂

    Sleep Behind Barred Windows

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