Seduction: A duet

By Noel A. Ihebuzor and Susan L. Daniels

seduction is best when done softly, slowly

and yes, subtly–
to lead entranced
an entrancing partner (not necessarily
all that innocentintent and consent in a closet slightly ajar, and ever opening)
to fascinate, to suggest, but all so quietly
to the point the seduced
owns it as their idea, not yours

when it seeps slowly into anxious fevered body,
when the pores, the ears, the eyes, the lips, all sip it,
inhaling its suggestive velvety boldness like ripe brandy

Armagnac, please;
or perhaps something scented
of late summer; like pear, apple,
blackberry, but intoxicating
and strong, sweetness with heat
swimming into mind and body both

exhaling and uncoiling
in recognition of joint and multiflavored complicity
saluting coyness and salivating and waiting

yes, art.  art spun by two.
a peacock has nothing on us, love,
fanning feathers to dazzle, but that’s all he has.
you bring and I welcome that drunkenness,
that reeling magic we stumble inside

and going with the flow, each new seduction
increasing flush, gush, and rush,
cascades beckoning and willing rowed to

seduction is best when done softly, slowly

***Can I say I missed my duet partner terribly while he was bouncing around all over the UK and skipping around Africa?  We had fun with this spontaneous poem–hope you like it.  I am italicized, and Noel’s words are bolded.  I think we need to use technology to read one of these together, across continents–would be really, really cool to hear!

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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48 Responses to Seduction: A duet

  1. Was great fun spinning this, and the joy was that it came just like that – easy, fast and nice – tumbling out without stumbling! Susan inspires great duets!

  2. Seb says:

    Almost operatic in scope…

  3. Rhonda says:

    Beautifully done. This is how to Tumble! Great Duet and good to see your two voices back in harmony again! Love it

  4. Fabulous collaboration. You two are so good at this. Lovely, sensual dance of words.

  5. ManicDdaily says:

    A lot of fun here – the back and forth allowing for lovely humor. k.

  6. brian miller says:

    oo la la…now where can i sign up? smiles…haha….it def takes two to makes something this fun…ha….enjoyed your poem…smiles.

    • Thanks, Brian. I should have enough grace to blush, but instead am just going to say it is fun to play with another poet on the page, and especially one as talented as Noel 🙂

  7. Susan – I was so happy to see another collaboration and then this – wow! What a wonderful ride. K

  8. This is really clever the way you’ve worked your voices together to form the whole.

  9. A spontaneous duet poem.. how nicely done!

  10. Great to collaborate isn’t it? Very inventive and therefore good fun to read to, thank you for mixing it up a bit!

  11. I like the ripe brandy.. nice intoxicating write ~

  12. Mary says:

    The two of you work so well together and turn out beautiful poetry. I loved this.

  13. unfetteredbs says:

    lovely dance you two.. I’ve missed reading your duets. Looking forward to more

  14. Susan says:

    Definitely go on and capture a dual vocal impression–I would love to hear it.
    This is my favorite: “yes, art. art spun by two.
    a peacock has nothing on us, love,
    fanning feathers to dazzle, but that’s all he has.
    you bring and I welcome that drunkenness,
    that reeling magic we stumble inside”

  15. Poet Laundry says:

    “yes, art. art spun by two.”


  16. We are having a hot summer in Southern California, but not as hot as THIS one! Phew! Such a wonderfully sensuous interplay! Don’t you live it when seduced and seducer become one?!?

  17. janehewey says:

    a beautiful word dance, lovely and seductive. your duet-writing is inspiring me!

    • You say it so well. Susan is such a wonderful wordsmith that singing duets with her ends up invariably as a beautiful dazzling dance with elements of salsa and tango blended in one!

  18. Brilliantly bold, sultringly sensual, seductive and sexy. A terribly irresistible mix; drunkeness and libertine, of aphrodisiac magnitude. A perfect duet, Susan and Noel, bravo!

    • You are so kind and your comments are actually poetry in motion, what with all the alliterations! Any suggestion of drunkeness in the duet is accidental – owing, I believe, to the simile in one of the stanzas! Libertine? Qui? Not these duelling “dueters”, for sure 🙂 Many thanks, once again.

  19. A moving and very evocative collaberation.

  20. Typo, in my comment. Sorry.

  21. Ian Moone says:

    very nice work really like you duets they always come out so well, great stuff hope to see more

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