I love this–not my process, but so beautiful!

the poet's billow

Tina Chang, Brooklyn’s new poet laureate, breaks down her creative process.

Watch it here at the New York Times Website.

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  1. Inspirational! I can relate to a lot of what she says – very annoying when in the bathroom or out jogging and an idea/a line comes and you do not have a pen to scribble it down – and the pain to discover you have forgotten the line…I will invest in note books and carry them around and mini recorders after this. The sculpting work after the first crude form? spot on! The mother child imagery? wonderful! I am also reblogging!

    • Yes, I so enjoyed watching this–I, too, have several spiral notebooks lying around, but they do me no good when I leave them at home–or, worse yet, I remember the notebook and not a pen!

      Also, Rhonda has found a cure for the dilemma of inspiration coming to you while in the shower–those soap bath crayons the small kids use to draw on their bodies are ideal to jot down thoughts on the tile walls of a shower–and wash right off!

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    Just wonderful!

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