alternative anatomy

the heart has an eye
that can be opened, to see joy
in all its colors

and the eyes are mouths
hungry for beauty

but the mouth
is just a mouth
that is most beautiful

and smiling

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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12 Responses to alternative anatomy

  1. Rhonda says:

    mmmmmphhhmmmphhhh 🙂 <<<<<<<<closed…hard to talk, but at least I'm smiling!

  2. doncarroll says:

    like this as it seems to me that it’s about introversion. it’s just a take on it and it could have another spin altogether.

  3. Green Speck says:

    loved it … specially the last line 🙂

  4. Such willpower ! Love it! ~Deb

  5. the mouth houses the tongue – and the mind/emotions control it!

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