earth day #1 — or eating inorganically

They say
we could feed a nation
with food we throw away

the hemisphere

with the grain and soy
we force-feed cows
injected with Prolisac

then wonder
why 10-year-old girls have breasts
their mothers didn’t sprout until 13

still, we eat our beef
fattened on genetically-twisted corn
with fries on the side
cut from potatoes
whose leaves
kill any bug
brave enough to take a nibble
faster than DDT

so does the world want
our leftovers?

It might be more sane
to burn them.

**Prolisac is the trade name for rBGH


About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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