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In honor of the day we thumbed our noses at the known and stepped off into independence, I  give you….Woodie Guthrie

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Tom Waits

The Piano Has Been Drinking

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Chuck Tingley

Hi all– Chuck is the artist I will hopefully be interviewing for the next issue of RUST.  If you find this interesting–check out his website (which is where I got this clip–pretty cool, no?).  Here it is:

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People…. Check out this poem by Brian Brown-Cashdollar–my old editor/friend–quite powerful.

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Short lived gifts

If you have not been lucky enough to stumble across this man’s poetry—-PLEASE read this!  I give you merely an example of what he can do with language 🙂 Short lived gifts.

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How I Got Here

Maybe the title should be “Confessions of a Poet Stalker.”  You’ll have to let me know.  Many years ago, I used to hang out occasionally with a very talented poet and activist, Brian Brown-Cashdollar. After I started writing again in … Continue reading

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