That run, not away from
but under tires,

inevitable, I know it
reflected in that unblinking
flash of eyes and tail
white in my headlights

bone meets metal
in an unstoppable grind
to nothing

but blood on concrete, cooling
to a statistic

and meat for crows

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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18 Responses to Roadkill

  1. Whenever, I see the nameless body of what was once a living being, ignored by multitudes of people in cars, on the side of a human throroughfare, I ask a blessing on it’s soul, now passed on to the ‘nother places and say outloud, “You mattered to me.” ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

  2. “but blood on concrete, cooling
    to a statistic”


    • It was an ouch. Worse yet, when I gasped and said, “Oh shit, I just killed the Easter bunny.” Don;t ask me where that came from, but I made my son cry. So, I am both a murderer of rabbits AND mother of the year.

  3. Alice Keys says:

    Sorry. Good poem. This is the you I admire. There is a poem in everything.;-)

    • Thanks, Alice. Yes, even in this kind of sadness, there is a poem to be found in it.

      • Alice Keys says:

        I find I like poems with deep roots, strong feelings and complex meanings. There’s room in the world for pale watercolors, sweet jelly beans and gentle breezes among water lilies. But I crave bold colors, rich darkness and light that sparkles. I like bitter spring greens and bones to crack with my teeth. (Metaphorically. I’m vegetarian.;-) )

  4. ooer this was a bit dismal but brings to mind those that are killed on our roads and unfortunately their untimely deaths. We have the bunnies, the kangaroos, possums, wombats, echidnas and birds (just to mention a few).

  5. Poor creatures! Their genes are badly attuned to our new technologies!

  6. nelle says:

    😦 Striking an animal tears me apart.

  7. Lindy Lee says:

    One’s disgust another’s sustenance…

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