some things we are un
able reading

the too personal center slice
served bleeding on our plates
meat we cut and call pink
but we chew it
bones and all–
we are ruminants
grinding pain
between molars,
a soul’s breaking
and call it music
eager to  read that diary–
feel the today pulse
of what’s no longer secret

and writing
through the bones
there are words here
covered, gagged
and waiting
for release
what weighs down


when we give alphabet
or breath
to what we would keep
as ours–
speak the raw,
the rare, the broken thing

cupped and shivering
in our palms

that offering
raised up

About Susan L Daniels

I am a firm believer that politics are personal, that faith is expressed through action, and that life is something that must be loved and lived authentically--or why bother with any of it?
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17 Responses to raw

  1. 3, 4 and 5 are my favourites – but I enjoyed the entire piece. Opening and displaying our private lives was my interpretation? Even though I write prose/poetry as you say you have to read a few times before coming to the gist of it. 🙂
    I wrote about Brumbies last night – if you’re interested – would appreciate your thoughts please?

    • Thank you–glad you liked this! Any time you want me to critique something, you can link it to my comments or tweet me at @susan_daniels–I would be glad to 😉

      Will take a skip over there right now.

      • Oh – thanks Susan that would be wonderful. 🙂 Thanks for popping over and for following, I wasn’t trying to push you into that – just wanted to hear your views on some of my poetry – different form to yours and Mr. P’s though 🙂

        • LOL, we all have different voices, looking forward to finding yours. It was a pup to find you though, because your gravatar kept taking me over to that blog you no longer write on 😉

          • I don’t know why that does that – other people have said the same. I should probably investigate and change. I just didn’t want to close that site for what others have written – but maybe I can repost into ramblings – life is so darn tough at times isn’t it? *laughing*
            I even likes your comment finding my voice… I am a very emotional poppet as you will probably see in my poems.

            • Yes, I enjoyed reading your poem–took me a while to figure out what brumbies are–please forgive me for my yank-ness 😉

              I am envious of people who find rhyming easy–I struggle with rhyme and meter and fear I will lose my poetic “voice” if I use it too often, but the discipline it takes is in an odd way liberating, and when that “perfect” word slides into place, there is no comparing that sense of satisfaction…

  2. That is why I posted the pic just so those who weren’t aware about our wild horses in Australia. Your yank-ness is forgiven 🙂 You are correct about taking discipline – sometimes the words flow like music, other times I bang my head against a wall (figuratively) trying to seek inspiration.. I thank you for your kind words.

  3. ruleofstupid says:

    This is wonderful Ma Susan. Somehow you flit between subjects like a gadfly, yet plunge them deeply like a plungy thing! (wow, my words have deserted me tonight!)

  4. Leo says:

    As you often say, Wow! Your images give the sense of unease that we can feel reading or watching something that we find too personal or too frank. I have felt this….repulsion at times. But, in the main, that is the reason for our writing, isn’t it, the cathartic release; the attempt to understand our emotions. A little hyperbole and metaphor goes a long way, though, in making our “confessions” palatable and even beautiful. One of my favorites of yours. Leo

    • Oh, Leo, thank you! Yes, this was written in response to a friend of mine writing about what he keeps to himself. We all hold back, we must hold back, a little–otherwise it ceases to be art and becomes…therapy, perhaps? A little bit of raw goes a long way. So glad you liked this!

  5. nelle says:

    Whether or not intended. Hmmm…

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