87 thoughts on “This is where we can just scribble and chat if you want!

  1. jeglatter

    :)…and every poem I write I am still suprised. For me Susan, I have decided it was never really writers block. Sometime we should talk. Congrats on all the wonderful poetry pouring out.

    • Congrats to you too, Jen–would love to talk some time. I had a creative writing prof who once said the times we did not write were fallow, and the work would be written inside us and come out when ready. Maybe she was right :)

      • let creativity flow, let the mind open, explore and conjure, every thought a fiine paintbrush to stroke the open smiling skies and fill them with a thousand new songs bubbling now and surging forth and forward, with the impatience of little children at break time, rushing from the fallow years, foaming and free like fresh palm wine and infesting the world with their liberating yeast!

  2. Rhonda

    Susan, it is inspiring to see the break through after so long…makes one believe that no matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the subject…it is all relevant and will be revealed in it’s time. I am just finding this out and am glad to be able to enjoy your ‘re-birth’!

    • Rhonda–thanks so much for the nomination, but I can’t accept it yet–only been on here a month, and do not know enough blogs yet to nominate in turn :)

      Check back with me in a month, and I’ll be glad to do it.

      Thanks so much of thinking about my blog for this award :)

  3. Rhonda

    Thanks for the like Susan…It is the absolute truth. New friends and New Places…it is what blogging has become. The writing, amazingly, has become secondary.

  4. Rhonda

    Susan, wanted to check in to see if you had begun your “smoke-less journey” yet. If so, how is it going? If not, let me know when so I can be ready with a motivating pick-me-up!

    • Hi :) Tomorrow I slap on a patch & start–I have been cutting down the past few days, which has made me a bit moody–poor Thom & the kids… Will definitely welcome some motivation then and desperately need it! How are you doing on yours?

      • Rhonda

        Ummmm…’nuf said. LOL I actually put it off a week because dear Husband hates to see me unhappy (sure, that’s why) and came home the very day I quit with a carton because he knew I was almost out! Love him and hate him at the same time. :) But this is it, when it’s gone, it’s done. I think I’ll be ok if I can keep my fingers busy…look out blogging world is all I’m sayin;

  5. :) Last time I quit for 2 days, Thom brought me back a carton of cigarettes–apparently he didn’t want to deal with the evil person I become when going through nic withdrawal, so this time, I am going with the patch–not for my sake, but theirs :)

    • Rhonda

      I get it, completely. I’ve tried the remedies, even Chantix. I need to go cold turkey. I hope it works for you.

  6. I think cold turkey is the way to go–I mean they don’t have a crack patch do they? Cigarettes have to be easier than that (not that I would know–any recovering addicts out there want to chime in?) Maybe I should offer to go into a padded cell for a few days to detox first….. Away from everything :)

  7. Rhonda

    Hey you…thanks for taking time out of your Mother’s Day to visit me! I hope you are enjoying this day…I know I am. All the best,

  8. cfbrown (कवि)

    I dont know if i have said this yet, but you are an inspiration. Not only is your poetry wonderful and spirit filled, it is also prolific. There are times when I might write one or two poems a day and then there are times i might write one for the entire month. You, always seem to post at least three or four aday. That is beautiful to me. I pray to as an attentive listener to my muse as you are.

  9. Yeah, glad you’re through it though. I live up in Victoria, in British Columbia, which is in Canada. You probably already knew some of that but Victoria is not as famous as New York. How did you get writing again?

      • I was talking to my little brother, who expressed disbelief in the very concept of writer’s block. Which I thought was silly. It is interesting how a death in the family can trigger different reactions in people. The death of my mom was followed soon after by me writing poetry a lot more, though the two events aren’t that closely related.

  10. Not sure where to put this as our original link is closed! But here’s what I have so far:
    Here’s what I have so far:

    Three legged
    with that flaccid half cocked
    backwards firing
    you’re packing
    won’t work here:
    she can
    read between the lines
    around your alligator eyes
    has drowned men
    twice your size
    in her moon pools

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