Found poetry (from my list of search terms)



white butterflies poem
feeling physics

kryptonite. the superman metonym

an acrostic for graphite

poetry on surface tension of water
water cycle poet 

poem over growth
bases of matter

monsanto poetry
the new columbuses

math cats/fiber poetry

mining for gold poems
milky way scientists/street art utopia

physics poems on inertia
what toenails are for

2.  found me

susan poetry sex
susan dance tube
painting of susan daniels

susan daniels poetry the f word
susan police poems for daughter
susan ate butter cup
susin ate butter cup

susan please do not double seven

3.  Lois

poems with name lois in them
poems about alzheimer’s fridge

love poem for lois

4.  wedding dress poems

write a short poem about bride price
bride prices
what you will pay will pass through your hands

dress into the fire

5.  catwoman poetry
crunk feminist poetry
priestess poetry


***Here are a few “found” poems, cobbled from my list of search terms on this blog.

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18 thoughts on “Found poetry (from my list of search terms)

    • :) thaniks, Bruce. I immediately thought of you, when I saw the fridge one. An alzheimer’s fridge. What does that mean to someone thay they would want to look it up? A fridge with dementia? Forgetful Frigidaire?

    • Thanks, Trent! This came to be as the result of someone mentioning steampunk yesterday/found things for a Dverse prompt, and someone else using their search terms for a post, although not poetry. Had to do it!

  1. What awesome oxymoronic and combination of verbs dancing here! I’d love to look into your brain as it goes into different modes! You’re wonderful dear~ I congratulate your beautiful soul’s eye! Hugs, Deb

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