cutting (for E)


there is need
bright & shining in blades
we know better
than to touch

but we do, press against
those edges, our boundaries
& then step back
by new blood
filling scars
already there

the love i want
the love i know
is unweaponed
but armed
with what can open
& what heals

carefully sheathed

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27 thoughts on “cutting (for E)

  1. This made me think of the universal question… “I wonder how sharp is this steak knife….?” Never ends well… and yet there’s always that temptation. And that first drop of blood does look pretty (until it starts to hurt). Ummm, not sure what I’m saying here – just rambling. I guess it’s about taking chances as well as taking care?

  2. Sometimes the reward we perceive outweighs the risk we assume. Methinks life experience is designed to condition how interact with the borders.

  3. Trent Lewin

    Something hellish and vast bubbles beneath the surface. This is a compliment in my mind. Excellent stuff Susan – again.

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