side effects


the package tells me
after the fact (because
that’s when i decided
to read it)
not to swallow these particular
purple pills with wine
& then finish the glass.
consider my cough
suppressed, but thought
fizzes into my mind
like bubbles in champagne
or cheap beer, foaming & forming
a head in my head
that was too full of you
to begin with
& the vacuum counts
as heavy machinery–
if i use it
under the influence
i might suck up the drapes
or a child.  yes
the food processor
& the electric toothbrush
are forbidden
for now–
i’ll have to go manual
until this bubbling up stops.

***just some random silliness.  Do not.  ever.  mix alka seltzer cold pills with wine while listening to Miles Davis.  Trust me.  While I am under the influence of such silliness, any comments addressed to this unworthy post should only be in limerick or haiku form.  Or shadorma, if you are feeling especially ambitious.

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