25 thoughts on “if hate has a voice

  1. well said, Susan! Great Poetry comes to your so easily! what a gift!

    My response –

    If hate had a pen,
    its ink would surge, overrun and melt pen and nib,
    its acid sap sipping
    into sweaty palms
    corroding and melting sinews
    and twisted tortured phalanges

  2. Good to see more poetic responses like the great one from Noel, which led to another poem from Susan.

    If Hate was a lighthouse
    Its foghorn would be discordant
    And it would get stuck like some faulty car alarm
    Going off for hours
    Its light would cease to work in winter storms
    But the electricians won’t find the problem
    Hate is always getting short

  3. If hate had wings
    It would fly

    Wings spread wide
    Carried swiftly by the wind
    Blowing back and forth
    Rapid and slow
    Hovering over its ignorant victims

    Slowly descending
    Snatching them
    Just in time
    To soar high

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