i don’t want to down your up


i don’t want to down your up
but it’s october tomorrow
& everything’s falling
& i need to fall too
but backwards

into leaves & just breathe
those crushed tannins
that taste of tea
& home.  home in the child sense
of home: red rose & never salada

float this homegoing in a spiral down
gentle & flaming yellow
as it softens to browns
& bronzes overnight.  knowing this
the sky is always most blue now
so we crave it, as hard & basic
as bones want flesh
but there is no more
than this most, & fleeting
as the monarchs chaining
against that blue in migration.

catch it here, now.  i have seen it
escape so quiet, so light
we don’t notice it’s over
until it’s over.

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22 thoughts on “i don’t want to down your up

  1. I often feel that Spring and Fall are very hard to “grasp.” Summer and Winter stay with us with an, at times, deadening weight. I love those seasons too, but the dramatic activity of Spring and Fall make them hard “to catch.”

    • They are so hard to capture in essence. You are so right–easy to capture summer and snow; not so spring with all its unfoldings, and definitely not fall with its fleeting beauty blending into gray.

  2. That last stanza is perfect: it’s so true that the now must embraced and caught otherwise you end up learning that it was over a while ago.
    Great poem!

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