Hate (poetry quartet)


by Boomiebol, David Trudel, Noel Ihebuzor, and Susan Daniels

if hate has a voice
it starts quiet as steam
escaping through cracks in rock
until the hissing amplifies
to volcanic roars
that no words can shout over
or stop.

If hate had a pen,
its ink would surge, overrun and melt pen and nib,
its acid sap sipping
into sweaty palms
corroding and melting sinews
and twisted tortured phalanges

if hate has eyes
they would see nothing
pale & staring
corneas scarred white
from heat

If Hate was a lighthouse
Its foghorn would be discordant
And it would get stuck like some faulty car alarm
Going off for hours
Its light would cease to work in winter storms
But the electricians won’t find the problem
Hate is always getting short

If hate had wings
It would fly

Wings spread wide
Carried swiftly by the wind
Blowing back and forth
Rapid and slow
Hovering over its ignorant victims

Slowly descending
Snatching them
Just in time
To soar high

***wow, talk about spontaneous generation!  Noel is bold, I am italicized, David is bold italics,  and Boomie is regular type.  Wow!  What power in these voices!

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21 thoughts on “Hate (poetry quartet)

    • Wow–thank you–um…I believe you would be the “wizard” who inspired the first poem from me, with that poem on hate you shared on Twitter, so you get some of the inspiration credit, my poet…

  1. Bruce Ruston

    Wow, Four poets together that really is impressive and you all worked together so well. It is the first time I have seen such a wonderful thing

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