Susan L Daniels:

George has scribed live passion here–I love this.

Originally posted on Seoras:

one word

with just one word you undo me
unraveling simply my raptures
to reveal a heart of fervent beats
and pulsing measures treasuring
the very sound of you, voicing
my soul as if you had forever
known me, cajoling my tongue
coaxing my lips to linger honeyed
over the sweetest taste of you
opening, caressing the wholest
heart of perfectly unpatterned you
who with a single whispered word
endows my aging flesh so firmly
rising with youthful yearning
trembling with brazen bearing
sharing all that I am with you
caring for naught but one more
touch of you, one more reddened
kiss teasing my lips with the
full and forward flesh of you
needing my arms to envelop you
my mouth to explore moistly you
my heart to beat the very name
of beloved you and all because
of one word—just one dancing
word that flame like flitters and

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