44 thoughts on “haiku heights: sleepless

  1. insomnia is dreadful….I read til my eyes blur, then have to repeat a simple mantra (in with the good, out with the bad) for a bit, listening, as you said, to your breathing…

  2. There just aren’t enough people in the world who use the word “sheepless”. It is now firmly entrenched in my vocabulary. Sleep is overrated! Gets in the way of stuff.

  3. Ah, does counting sleep ever work? Not for me. Reading is my best bet. Insomnia is the worst, isn’t it? How many poets have written a piece about it? Scores, I bet.

    • Dulcina–thanks! I have to credit my fingertips/chi/muse for a typo for that word play–I typed it instead of sleepless, and said—WOW, subconscious, you are really, really clever sometimes ;)

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