Haiku Heights September Heights: Hummingbird (haiku chain)


hummingbirds love red–
scarlet runner beans call them
sweetly, with bright tongues

red stutters their flight
i had dark red curtains once
& watched one hover

outside my window
desire in hummingbird form–
expressed in pauses

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27 thoughts on “Haiku Heights September Heights: Hummingbird (haiku chain)

    • LOL, the first time I planted scarlet runner beans, the little birds were divebombing me constantly when I tried to garden around those particular plants, and my neighbor was really upset with me–they ignored her feeder while the beans were in bloom ;)

    • Nelle, thank you–that gorgeous little bird hovered and desired those curtains, rising up and down along the window pane, trying to find access to that huge red flower behind glass. He/she did that for at least a week, off and on, before he/she gave up!

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