what pigs can tell us about kindness


this is one of those things
you read about, like a dolphin
helping to push a whale
out to open ocean, working
next to two-legged things
without fins

we learn of dogs
nursing kittens or even tiger pups
because they too know hunger
inside small mouths
& answer it

so the idea of a pig
rescuing a baby goat
from drowning
while the human just stands there
doing nothing but recording
the struggle

tells me something more of pigs
& less of people

***inspired by Mimi’s post here http://waitingforthekarmatruck.com/2012/09/21/reminds-me-of-charlottes-web/ and written for the “unexpected” prompt at Dverse.

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48 thoughts on “what pigs can tell us about kindness

  1. I’ve heard it said before that pigs are intelligent. When we call someone a “pig” as an insult, perhaps it’s us in the wrong… Hmmm… Makes me think!

    Oh god, I was going to do sausages for tea… now thinking of pigs…

  2. wow..is that a true story with the pig saving the baby goat from drowning…heck…yes we surely can learn something from this…weird that he just stood there recording…i wonder at many of these recordings you see you youtube anyway…some better would put their phones away and help people…ugh…weird world…well penned susan

  3. There’s a wider analogy at play here – the spectator/”journalist” is a pervasive and ignoble being. The pigs of the world who actually risk and act heroically, not so much and usually end up getting sued by someone!

  4. oh snap…it does say much of us…even the animals have the instinct to help out and yet we capture the moment to see how many hits we can get on you tube…i wonder at what point we forgot this?

  5. jcosmonewbery

    It is a sad thing when we can no longer apply our humanity but only admire it in other creatures. But at least we still recognise it even if we seem to not realise we have lost it. Nicely written.

  6. Enjoyed your poem. When I saw that video, I truly WAS appalled that the human stood there photographing as the pig did the rescuing. Does not speak well for humankind. Perhaps we should consider elevating pigs from the barnyard into the political arena. Maybe they could help. (LOL)

  7. nephiriel

    wonderful poem.
    i pondered watching the video, but decided against it… reading this, i feel ashamed enough thinking about that certain human being as it is.
    thank you for your beautiful, very true words.

  8. What an unexpected story, Susan! I enjoyed the piece you drew from it. It’s amazing how often brains switch off when a camera switches on, particularly when someone is recording animals. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people act like idiots–sometimes dangerous ones–because they’re taking stills or video of mountain goats, bears, and moose around here (NW Montana). I really liked the penultimate lines; they have quite a punch–so much that I’d almost end the piece there, IMHO.

  9. pigs don’t seem to have that silly “what if…” mechanism that humans do. thank goodness. a wonderful story, Susan. thank you for writing it into my awareness.

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