54 thoughts on “September heights–creation

  1. Personally, we all are who we are because of the past. The past has brought us here and all that matters now is what will we do with the remaining time we have in this world? Oh how thought provoking!!

  2. Hi Susan,
    I had to read the comments, curiosity and all that. But my answer is a very strong Heavenly Father all the way! Loved your haiku, and I am very pleased to meat you. Rhonda sent me by, and I’m so glad she did. From the few I’ve skimmed so far, I’m already a fan. I’m Kyla. :)

  3. Is there some mischief in the first verse or am I being too freudian in my reading? Hmmmm? bang? shout? :-) Great haiku. My take – Let me quote Albert Einstein – God doesn’t play dice with the world! So, no chance it was chance!

    • Oh, I am in agreement with you and Mr. E on that. Hee, hee–maybe a wee bit of mischief–I don’t analyze ‘em, I just write ‘em and think about the deeper psychological ramifications later ;)

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