the small snake
i have named
uncoils from stone
slow and wingless
warm enough now to slide
across lawn
& spell motionless
a sparrow
dazzled in the net of that gaze
foolish enough to meet his eyes
for one heartbeat;
the glancing space
of one bright black eye

by his own senses

in an exercise
of similar self-preservation
when i was 22
i promised
to never love
a poet, dazed senseless
where i thought
we were matched
in weapons

like most other things
a good defense
only works
when you pay attention

that bird & i
don’t stand a chance
of flying–
but because i see it
for what it is
& with kinder
than the whispering
of that garter snake,
i shatter the charm
with the casual toss
of a pebble

as for my trance–
don’t break it

i am having
too much fun
being caught up in it

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