thoughts on 9/11


today is a day for remembering,
putting back together something broken;
a day of service,
but these hands can only make, not undo.  
we remember how accepting death
can be sacrifice, but murder
is the last blasphemy.
we remember lives taken
and some offered up freely
given time to choose exactly whose principles
to die for, theirs or the men’s with boxcutters

i call them all victims

i call them all heroes
except for the ones that woke
with suicide bomber resolve
threaded through morning routines;
patterns poisoned with the same logic
of men with assault weapons
opening fire on the street
before turning those guns
on themselves

i call them by name
a list written in blood, in salt,
in iron and smoke

what is a fit sacrifice?
in the end, that final analysis
we are all ghosts inside bodies.   choose how
and who to haunt carefully–
when nothing is held holy
what line is left to cross
but this, making ash
of the force that powers breath
and drives heart

they all died, hate

tearing from fingers this thing we grasp
as long as possible, breaking or stealing
the one commandment stamped inside flesh:

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82 thoughts on “thoughts on 9/11

  1. Very deeply moving, for all the right reasons. Nothing in killing for any reason is ever right, no matter who the killer is. Hatred just breeds more hate and the cycle keeps repeating. They were victims of hatred, they were heroes, some of whom paid and are still paying a high price for their compassion an caring. One day all of mankind will answer to the prime creator, I know which side of good or evil I want to be on.
    As I said, deeply moving Susan.

  2. I wrote a 9/11 poem too. Just had to. I guess in a way we all choose the principles we would die for. It truly saddens me still that these men with box cutters killed so many people senselessly because of hate.

  3. Exhaustively treated,nice take Susan! The world is still reeling from the impact. A pity lots of sadness on innocents. The perpetrators are still around!


  4. there is wonderful wisdom in your words….one thing that struck me was the calling them by name…and i wonder if only we did that the impact it might make…to make it personal…

  5. Wonderful depth of reality strikes through your words. Its time…we are ready to live and that we must do now, live in the good of all and the whole of love. Send you blessings ~ Rose

  6. Susan, this is absolutely stunning. I read it again and again. Thank you so much for this powerful and eloquent piece. It means more than I can put into words. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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