19 thoughts on “that line

    • Sad, very sad. This came as a response to some things lately politically. Hope we don’t cross that line in all the mudslinging going back and forth. Oh–and thanks for liking my FB page, too!

    • Jeremy–agreed. For months we have been listening to people threatening armed revolt if BO is reelected, or secession; and now we have a 16-year-old suggesting someone shoot him, and somehow this falls under free speech? So, my thought was what is the difference between free speech and treason? A bullet actually fired?

  1. This line wasn’t drawn yesterday or today
    This line goes way back
    Straight through my heart
    This line is as red as the blood that
    Stained Jackie’s tailored suit
    In the shadow of the grassy knoll
    This line hangs as heavy
    As the rope that bore such
    Strange and bitter fruit
    This line is the scar on Gabby Giffords’ scalp
    This line is the tear falling
    Down a mother’s cheek
    This line is hot with rage and fury
    This line was uttered in Ford’s Theatre
    As theatrically as ever
    This line is the sting of the whip
    This line is the manacle that holds you in place
    This line is drawn tight
    Tight as a bow whose arrow
    Will take flight
    On a straight line to death
    This line underscores the tally
    Of the lost
    This line spits hot lead
    In chaos
    This line kills
    This line is not a drawing
    It’s a pathway to oblivion
    And everlasting dark

    David Trudel © 2012

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