left-hand guitar


this music’s about love
that stays longer than your man
ever would

she cries blues in a beat felt
from the soles up, strummed
with calloused fingertips on strings;
hunger voiced with cords
& carried on breath

because need this deep
knows no words

besides please

***for the Real Toadschallenge.

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28 thoughts on “left-hand guitar

  1. How true. The music does often endure longer than the emotions which once consumed. I like your spare style – no wordiness to detract from the message.

    Thank you for participating in one of our challenges on Real Toads, but allow me to point out that it is customary for contributors to acknowledge the source of their inspiration on their blogsite after they have linked up a poem.

  2. Like this one lots. Music is such an important element of my life, it saw me through so much. I can’t sing it, play it, or even read a note, but I know when it speaks to me.

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