the creek today
is no place for visions–
it is water choking on stone
and algae.  Too shallow
for currents to move
the first dark leaves
dotting the surface
like hollowed cicada skins
split down the middle
& empty

the small fish are gone
or dead, starved for oxygen
under the cover of green.
anything could happen
or not happen beneath thickness
that brings to mind frogs, turtles;
amphibious and reptilian things half rising
out of water that stinks of mud
and leaf mold

when you are hunting visions
you need clear water
for scrying

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20 thoughts on “overgrowth

  1. i know exactly where this one comes from. the creek i have nearby is the same way as i went down there last weekend to try and take pics. the pics weren’t there to be had. superb ending on this one. we love to scry:)

  2. So much rests unseen, unheeded beneath the turbid waters and beyond the clouded skies. Writing is such an effort to uncover things, isn’t it? And to express what we find. Or what presents itself to us.

  3. If only water flowed with consistency, from sky, down streams. With some irony, consistency and predictability are useful tools at times, but I rather like standing in the opposite place, depending on circumstance and level of impishness.

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