more god hunting


if I follow these tracks,
not into thickets, but past roots
falling like long hair
down the banks, I will find them.
I hunt without arrows
or guns,  only the net of my eyes
strung across the path

you said in the morning
the personal gods come to drink
from streams like these
& perhaps that is why
these ears catch words easily
near water, stray conversation
overheard between the bringers of visions.

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22 thoughts on “more god hunting

  1. The gods of small places are content
    Rarely bothering with scurrying passers by
    Unless someone stops to listen and observe
    Pure souls may feel a whisper
    An intimation of a prayer
    As a freshening breeze
    Tousles your hair
    Like a caress

  2. That line: that is why these ears catch easily words” reminds me that it is interesting that God can’t be seen but His voice is always heard everywhere there are ears to catch His words.
    Hunting is indeed the right word, thanks Susan for this!

  3. It brings back memories of a place special to my children, where trees sport their etched initials and water flows so cool it numbs skin.

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