46 soon


that number
climbs closer to 50

& all the selves
I carry inside

nest each other
like Russian dolls–

the women I was
holds those women
I might have been

& greets the one
I am still becoming

so many layers
in one being

on the surface

until I start opening

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24 thoughts on “46 soon

  1. Love the imagery here Susan, especially the … actually especially all of it ~ a wonderful poem that so many will identify with ~ I’ve read it three times already and will return to read again …

    • Thanks, UBS–just popped in my head last night, and had to write it out. I wanted to write one about aging (my own aging) without complaining about gray hair and bemoaning gravity…

  2. Rhonda

    Love it. Especially the woman you were holding the woman you might have been! exactly! And fear nothing sfam…50 is just a number on a stone…a jumping off point to the next half. if can be the best jump of your life.

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