which heartbeat


let the world know
that Rosa is dead

this child holding
in her body a life
10 weeks in the forming
both doomed
at her diagnosis

the right to life
is inviolable

16 years/13 weeks

which pulse,
whose movement
do you choose
to extend

from the moment of conception 

I would choose
for Rosa’s mother
a gift of days,
maybe just hours
but life spent
counting down the minutes
breathing together, and loved

and until death

they both die
whose heartbeat
mattered more

13 weeks/16 years

Rosa is dead
let the world know

I am a mother
& a poet

I do not make laws
or decide

I have only questions
& this anger

they died minutes from each other
let the world know

they are both dead

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19 thoughts on “which heartbeat

  1. A sad, needless and senseless death. My heart goes out to Rosa. It reminds me of the Jehovah Witnesses who are against blood transfusion. A promisning student in the institution where I work died because her family were against blood transfusion. A powerful poem, Susan

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