in losing this us


you finally free your tongue
from insults & blame

use it for
one last song
I am long past humming
with you

the music you write
for us
in desperate
sharps & flats
twists rickety scale staircases

I will not climb
another step

I am that certain of falling.

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17 thoughts on “in losing this us

  1. I find this powerful because you touch on something I find very complex about art, expression/creation, and relationships and the way they often intersect.

    I am not sure exactly how to describe what it is that I am after here but what comes to mind reading this poem is the way in which a work of art (music, in this case) becomes a way of sweeping up or brushing aside another person’s feelings and their emotional reality. You have something to say but the other person tries washing it away in their music. They hope their music will carry you away and you know that perhaps it could -like it once did- but that you won’t let it because you recognize that this music is an attempt to replace real life. I think of the difference between art as as a cold reflection and art as an attempt at escape. Sometimes some of us don’t know which type of art we are practising or enjoying.

    Sorry, I think that sounds a little like a lecture. I think what I am after is that you call attention to the fact that creating is a selfish act in some ways. We create because we are moved to do so, but it remains a personal act and as a personal act we have to be responsible for what we are doing. We can’t expect others to be bowled over by what we have done and we can’t expect people to simply be there to receive what we are doing. And in this case it sounds like someone is trying to make you accept what they’re offering.

    Do I have this right?

  2. Deborah Avila

    I literally tremble at this because I understand every word behind the words! Bless you friend ~ Deborah

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