pharisees (hands)


what do your hands do
besides point?

they pray

but do they sow

do they sew

do they break
for mouths
not your own?

do your hands

do your hands

keep your fingers
busy with the business
of the church

with your politics
and condemnation

but do not point to them
those women

whose hands are busy
not just their fingers

doing the business of God

whose hands are so full
they cannot stop to point
and simply do

***this one has been cooking for a few months

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25 thoughts on “pharisees (hands)

  1. On its face it reminds me of the current feud (of which I admittedly know little) between the Catholic Church and its sisters and lay women who have been practicing the word of God while others have stood to preach.

  2. Patricia Chenayi Nyandoro

    Oh my Gosh! Chicky chicky are we today my dear lovery lass? Gospel pharisees I assume! Very Clever , very clever ! You are good! Very good.

    • Absolutely, Georgia. This has been stewing for a month or two–since the story came out, so maybe three months (?) Whatever the case, your post was the timer that let me know to take it out of the oven :)

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