the birthday game


six years ago
you were cut from me
stubborn and backwards

your feet the first thing out
and kicking
with the shock of it

you are still sometimes
upside down
and unpredictable

coloring outside lines
and drawing new ones

mixing color
with words

my not-so-little son

who blows out a wish for peace
with your candles

and I am not sure
if you ask for piece
or peace

either way
I will cut you
a big slice of both

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29 thoughts on “the birthday game

  1. Rhonda

    He’s quiet the man in the making. I’m happy he appears to have the best parts of you, not just the dna, but the heart. happy birthday aryn, and happy birth – day Mom

  2. Ian Moone

    I remember when birthdays were special, one year the cake came out of hiding and it was a chocolate castle. It was awesome. great post

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