bad relationship poem #550


once you get past 100
in this series

you know
it’s far past time
to run

look down
once in a while

the celestial sense
of humor

that put us together
in the first place
& the second

& the third

is pure slapstick

& one of us
will slip onto

quite literally

that banana peel trick

& I do not want
a hand up
from you

& will not look back
to see your fall

no matter who
is laughing & pointing

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14 thoughts on “bad relationship poem #550

  1. Rhonda

    you know how they ask the question if there is no one in the forest to hear a tree fall, does it still make a noise? well…if there is no looking is slipping on the banana peel still funny? it’s sad in a resigned sort of way. pratfalls are a lonely way to end, but an end it is. sorry sfam, that’s what i see.

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