paint those toenails green


for Nancy

for so long living
in the third person

so many masks
all of them polished
& too smooth

to match the raw
in your eyes

take them off
& greet your true face
in your mirror

reflected there honestly
no distortion
no bent light

when you are done looking
& like who you see

put something dangerously pink
behind your ear

something wild
& blooming unplanned
in that manicured garden

& paint your toenails green
for the surprise of it

flaunt that
twist of the unexpected

for no other reason
than because you can

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12 thoughts on “paint those toenails green

  1. Unwind, unbind, rewind to your true self and be and then become! Lovely, green is the color of nature, green is elemental, green is life, is living and the color of life that springs and leaves that unfurl and unfold and reach out to the sun! Susan, thanks for this song for Nancy – it is also a song for us!

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