feeling the earth


we learn of lithosphere
and crust, continental plates
alive and slipping still
in echoes of creation

we name ages
and periods of rock
count layers
like rings in a tree

but stone
and slower growing
than plant exuberance;
she has time
to lay down this veneer
in perfect hardness

geology: how old
the earth is
a question

not for me to ask

innocent of carbon dating
she is here before us
and after us

that stone mother
around a solid heart

whose hold on us
is tender
but absent

whose shadow
cradles dreaming
and shows us stars

but whose shifts
tear continents
from stone shelves

and whose shrugs
raise mountains

she is primal force
mostly asleep

dangerous to wake her

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22 thoughts on “feeling the earth

  1. My only hope would be that Mother Earth could read your paean to her..it provides her with the elegance, awe and wonder that she so deserves..

  2. A very powerful well writtten poem with fine geological imagery of mother earth. ‘she is primal force mostly asleep dangerous to wake her’
    I love these words and I agree. Good show, Susan.

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