spirit of the forest


the green man hides
face carved in church corners
protecting or appeased

large god of growing things
father and groom
his eternal dying cycles
ripen to john barleycorn harvests

if I were wild and old
as this wisdom
I would worship such a spirit

but parts of me must remember
the pagan green god
of my mothers


his name was mentioned
and I went looking for him

forgetting for a moment
I am now civilized

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12 thoughts on “spirit of the forest

      • Many christian beliefs have incorporated pagan symbols and beliefs over the years mainly as it was easier to get people to convert hence why you do see the greenman in some older churches especially round europe when you think of the images used around harvest festival many are taken from far older traditions so if they come after you tell them you were talking about history not religion :) If that fails I have a fast broomstick hehehe :D

  1. I like this poem, especially “forgetting for a moment/I am now civilized.” I love that line for a number of reason but right I especially do because I have to read so much crap for the work I do (crap about “civilization vs barbarism”) that I love listening to someone who knows how to parrot those empty assumptions with wit and a strong aesthetic sense.

    I have come to a point where I can’t even delineate the lines between many religions anymore. Maybe it is because I don’t really care to. Or maybe it is because I actually lack that ability. :-)

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