silence without the vow


beyond words,
I have echoed
the pulse of this planet,
felt shifts
in heat and magnetism
drift from pole to pole

in worship, sometimes
there is a vow of silence

or a moment of it

wordlessness begins
a knowing, an essential chime
opening, flowering,
between us and everything
and us the bell sounding
in sighs

words make distinctions
that do not exist
outside language

beyond words, before them,
and past them
we are part of one thing

there is no distinction
without naming

and with naming, division

and with division, loss

to explain this better
I would have to hold your face
in my hands, and ask you to listen to me

not talking

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23 thoughts on “silence without the vow

  1. I love how you pinpoint the origins of division and word it in such an eye gripping way. I’d add insecurity to the mix somewhere, because it drives as much on this planet as the Coriolis effect.

  2. Deborah Avila

    I can picture Christ taking hold of my face and saying everything I’ve ever wanted or needed to hear with his eyes~this has spoken to my quiet self that longs without spoken words~ ty ty ty

  3. This is stunning, Susan! Given the inadequacy of words , one should simply shut up and drink this poem in all its sweetness as it explores language, the sensuous and human emotions. what can one say about heat, pole to pole (the freudian in me blushes), magnetism, flowering, opening …..I must stop…I will see see my parish priest at the confessional once I return from my vacation and tell him that i read and enjoyed this poem!

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